WS3: Dissemination of Best Practices in Serving Elderly Female Victims of Domestic Violence


  • Publicize the education programme on the national level of partner countries and on the European level
  • Develop the web portal of the project and utilize other informational tools to disseminate the Best Practice Protocols and policy recommendations
  • Inform as many stakeholders as possible of project activity, outcomes and results


  • Publish press releases to key media outlets throughout the project
  • Partners publicize project, including the availability of the training to relevant organizations and networks representing doctors and nurses
  • Publish 1 article on the project results and submit to specialist journal related to health care or public policy, or to magazines of health care trade unions
  • Create and update a project website and social networking tools
  • Develop and promote the online training programme, and translated into Estonian, Finnish, German, Greek and Latvian
  • Disseminate training protocols, EU policy recommendations and training programme throughout the EU, including through cooperation with other relevant European networks
  • Conduct local dissemination conferences with community leaders, national policy makers, healthcare professionals and media
  • Conduct a final conference in Estonia and invite stakeholders to the event


  • 1 project website
  • 1 online training programme
  • 1-day conference in Estonia
  • 6 local dissemination conferences
  • 16 press releases
  • 1 article for a specialized healthcare magazine

For more information on WS3 activities, please contact:

WAVE Network, Project Partner
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