Download the WHOSEFVA Training Manual now! 

The purpose of this manual is to support trainers in the areas of social care, health care and victims’ support services by providing them with updated knowledge regarding the needs and concerns of older persons who are victims of abuse.

This manual is designed to support trainers to deliver training on the prevention and response to violence against older persons and violence against older women. Trainers should ideally have on-hand experience working with victims of domestic violence, the elderly and/or social and healthcare professionals. This manual provides direct information and points trainers toward additional useful resources.

Violence against older persons is a unique problem that falls between domestic violence services and elderly care, sharing elements of both. This manual aims to synthesize the elements of these two separate fields, which are most relevant for working with elderly victims. The professionals in both fields can benefit by sharing their expertise and knowledge. This was one of the aims of the WHOSEFVA Project, within which this manual was created.

This training manual will:

  • Introduce challenges of prevention of violence against older women in Europe
  • Explain key terms, concepts and approaches to prevention of violence against older persons and women
  • Introduce health care and medical aspects of the identification and examination of violence against older persons
  • Build the capacity of domestic violence, social and healthcare professionals to work with older persons and female victims of violence or who are at risk of violence
  • Promote the development of quality services from the point of view of the needs of older victims and survivors

The manual can be downloaded here in English.